About Us

The Curly Spoon About Us


We’re Mallory and Marissa, co-founders of The Curly Spoon! We are two sisters from Texas who have a love of good food and spending lots of quality time in the kitchen.

First things first, you should know that we come from a family of SERIOUS foodies. Growing up, our mom was always in the kitchen baking the most incredible desserts from scratch and cooking our favorite meals from an extensive collection of family recipes. No family gathering was ever complete without an extremely elaborate spread of food and snacks that could probably feed 100 people. That being said, we’re a little EXTRA when it comes to food.

Over the years, our passion for food has continued to grow as we began exploring new hobbies like cake decorating, food photography, creating healthy recipes, and so much more. Finally, we decided to put our heads together and create a place where we could share all of our favorite creations.

Making and enjoying food brings people together, and that is something that we believe everyone should be able to experience. Our goal is to provide simple and delicious recipes that make baking achievable for everyone.